Anti-lockdown protests: Viral video shows healthcare workers confront protesters in Denver

Two healthcare workers in protective gear stand in the way of protesters moving towards State Capitol in Denver.

Anti-lockdown protests are happening in various US cities even as opinion is divided over whether to re-open the economy. One such incident in Colorado led to a confrontation between the healthcare workers and the protesters. The video of the incident, which happened around the 12th avenue and Grant street in Denver has gone viral.

The viral video from Denver had healthcare workers from an area hospital standing in a crosswalk wearing N95 masks and scrubs while the protesters who were on their way to State Capitol honked at them. The road was gradually filling in with motorists, and the protesters had an altercation with the healthcare workers, which was captured by other spectators.

Prior to this incident, the Airforce Thunderbird flew across Denver on April 17 to honour of the first responders and healthcare workers fighting to save lives and help the vulnerable during the hard situation.

The videos and pictures have since gone viral on social media comparing the two situations.

Coronavirus Nurse Angel
Representational Image Pixabay

Denver protestors were honking at the two nurses

Photojournalist Alyson McClaran told The New York Times that the exchange continued till the police stepped in. According to sources, the people were moving their cars close to the workers as they tried to get to the protest. One woman is also seen hanging out of her car shouting at the workers.

A woman holding a sign was seen asking the essential workers while leaning out of her car about why her job isn't 'essential.' The reports from the incident suggested that it was not a single person posing questions at the workers but several people were captured asking the workers questions as they stood silent in the crosswalk.

The details about the health care workers on the scene are unknown.

According to The Denver Post, the motorists were raising signs that read "End the Virus, Not the Economy" and "We need stability to stay healthy." The motorists initially began by honking and when they couldn't get through they were seen coming out into the streets during the incident.

There are similar rallies happening in Arizona, Montana and Washington states with the people coming out into the streets seeking the end of the lockdown. The people are concerned over the large scale loss of employment that is happening in the US amid the coronavirus lockdown.

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