Anti-government protests in Lebanese capital Beirut leave at least 140 injured

Protesters try to storm the Lebanese parliament

At least 140 people were injured during anti-government protests and riots in Lebanon's capital city Beirut, said the Secretary General of the Lebanese Red Cross Georges Kettaneh on Monday. Xinhua cited him as saying that 40 of the wounded protesters were transported to nearby hospitals while the rest were treated on the ground.

Kattaneh added that the injured included individuals from the security forces and the protesters.

The protesters tried to break into the country's parliament by throwing stones at security forces. The forces retaliated by using water canons to disperse the demonstrators.

Lebanese protests in Beirut
Lebanese protests in Beirut Wikimedia Commons

Clashes break out

Heavy clashes broke out in Lebanon on Saturday due to the failure of the ruling political class to adopt quick measures to save the economic and financial deterioration in the country which left 169 injured, according to the Lebanese Red Cross.

Nationwide protests that started in Lebanon on October 17, 2019 had succeeded in toppling the government of Saad Hariri and the appointment of Hassan Diab as the new premier.

Meanwhile, Lebanese President Michel Aoun has called for an urgent security meeting on Monday with Defense and Interior Ministers and security agencies to discuss the latest developments in the country.