Anthony Warner: Nashville Bombing Suspect Identified as Trump Supporter?

A photo of the alleged Nashville bomber, Anthony Warner, wearing Trump-supporting apparel started doing the rounds on social media.

On Christmas morning, a bomber set off an explosion that rocked downtown Nashville, impacting 40 buildings and sending three people to the hospital. According to police, the explosion came from a parked RV that broadcasted a warning to evacuate the area through a speaker system moments before detonation.

A few days later, the FBI identified Anthony Quinn Warner, a 63-year-old Nashville resident and computer contract worker, as a person of interest in connection to the explosion.

On Sunday afternoon, authorities confirmed that Warner was "present when the bomb went off" and "perished in the bombing" based on DNA tissue recovered from the blast site.

Warner Photographed Wearing MAGA Cap?

Shortly after the FBI announced Warner as a suspect, social media users started circulating an alleged photo of the bomber showing him wearing MAGA apparel. The picture in question shows a bearded man wearing spectacles and a cap that reads, "Trump 2020" with the tagline, "Make Liberals Cry Again."

Anthony Warner
The alleged Anthony Warner photo that is being circulated on social media. Twitter

The photo along with the claim that President Donald Trump had not yet addressed the bombing led to speculation that a Trump supporter was behind the Nashville bombing.

"It's been confirmed by the US Attorney, Don Cochran, that Anthony Warner was the Nashville Christmas bomber. He died in the explosion. Good riddance. And yes, he's a white Trump supporter. This explains Trump and the GOP's silence, but we already knew this. MAGA is the new ISIS," wrote one user.

"Just so we're clear, Trump is staying silent on Nashville until he finds out whether the person responsible supports him or not," commented another.

"Now we know why Trump has been quiet on Nashville Bombing, because it turns out the person of interest is a White MAGA suicide bomber," tweeted yet another.

Fact-Checked as a 'Hoax'

Anthony Warner
The photo released by CBS of Anthony Warner, the man confirmed as the Nashville bomber by law enforcement sources. Twitter

We can confirm that the photo above was a hoax and bore no resemblance to the Anthony Warner identified by authorities as the Nashville bomber. CBS also released the image of the man confirmed to be the "person of interest" by law enforcement sources, debunking the false claim that Warner was a Trump supporter.