Anthony Warner: How Did a Computer Geek Who Never Spoke Politics Become Nashville Bomber?

Public records show Warner had extensive experience in electronics and alarm systems and he worked as an independent computer technician.

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Anthony Quinn Warner, who has been named as the man behind the RV bombing that shook Nashville, was a tech expert with extensive knowledge about computers, Fed agents said after searching his home and the real estate office he worked for on Saturday. However, the 63-year-old was a recluse and a chronic loner who had cut himself off from the rest of the world.

Warner was a longtime Nashvillian who reportedly held several IT jobs but didn't speak much to his neighbors. In fact, neighbors were taken aback when they heard Warner's name as the suspected bomber in the explosion that rocked downtown Nashville on Christmas Day. According to authorities, Warner died in the blast and his body remains were found from the scene.

A Tech Expert

Anthony Quinn Warner
Anthony Quinn Warner Twitter

Public records reveal that Warner was a computer geek and had extensive experience in electronics and alarm systems. He worked as an independent computer technician with the real estate firm Fridrich & Clark. Federal agents searched his home in Antioch, and the Fridrich & Clark real estate office in Nashville on Saturday and found out the details about him.

Warner's interest in computers started sometime in the 1980 and since then he gathered a lot of knowledge about alarm systems. According to state business records, he also owned an electronics company with the name registered as Custom Alarms & Electronics, which specialized in producing burglar alarms. The company had an alarm license from November 1993 through November 1998.

Moreover, the Warner family stayed in Nashville for decades. According to newspaper archives, the family had been living there at least since 1961. Warner, who was more popularly known by the name Tony, was pictured in the Antioch High School during his sophomore and junior years in 1973 and 1974.

Recluse and Chronic Loner

Anthony Quinn Warner's house
A high fence can be seen around Anthony Quinn Warner's house YouTube Grab

After Warner's name was revealed by authorities as the prime suspect behind the bombing, most of his neighbors were taken aback given that he was known to be a person who never looked aggressive. In fact, Warner reportedly was a chronic loner who had put up a fence around his home a few weeks back to keep others out. He had also pulled his RV into the driveway and shut the gate.

He had increasingly shut himself from the outside world weeks ahead of the bombing. Authorities have confirmed that it was the same vehicle Warner had packed with explosives for the blast on Friday.

Nashville bombing
The RV owned by Anthony Quinn Warner that was detonated in Nashville on Friday, Dec. 25. Twitter

In fact, neighbors never noticed when the RV disappeared from his driveway as no one was really interested in him given the recluse he was. One of the neighbors, Steve Schmoldt, said that they never saw anyone come or go to his home. "Never saw him go anywhere. As far as we knew, he was kind of a computer geek that worked from home."

Schmoldt also said that he never heard Warner speak about politics or religion and never gave any indication of any closely held ideology. "I can tell you as far as politics, he never had any yard signs or flags in his window or anything like that. If he did have any political beliefs he kept, that was something he kept to himself," Schmoldt said.

However, Warner had placed lights and security camera outside his home to monitor things. Authorities are still clueless about the motive behind the blast.