Antarctica Mysteries Continue as Google Earth User Spots Ice Ship in Snowy Land

The new finding has made many people believe that sinister activities are going on in Antarctica without public knowledge.

ship in antarctica
An alleged ship-like structure spotted in Antarctica YouTube: MrMBB333

From alleged secret Nazi base to hidden alien bases, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that Antarctica is an enigmatic land shrouded with mysteries. Adding up to these unbelievable theories, a Google user has apparently spotted an ice ship on the snowy land.

Is Antarctica a Mysterious Land?

A video featuring the ice ship finding has been uploaded to YouTube by a conspiracy theory channel named 'MrMBB333'. In the video, taken roughly 100 miles off the coast of Antarctica, a giant chunk of ice can be seen protruding above the white landscape. Interestingly, the protruded ice in the even surface seems very similar to a ship, and it has made many YouTube viewers believe that something sinister is happening in the South frigid zone.

When the Google Earth camera zooms into the area where the ship was spotted, the structure showed chimneys and windows.

The video shared by MrMBB333 has now gone viral, and it has already racked up more than 48,200 views on YouTube. Most of the viewers who watched the video claimed that something mysterious is going on in this snowy land. Some users even alleged that the ship might have reached Antarctica from the Bermuda triangle.

"That ship probably ended up there from the Bermuda Triangle," commented Mortal Wombat, a YouTube user.

"I have heard people say that after WWII there has been a lot of movement in Antarctica; like military movement, not sure but it would not surprise me. Thank you for sharing such fantastic photos and such interesting and questionable things out there," commented Lisa living day 2 day, another YouTuber.

However, experts believe that the new finding is nothing but a case of pareidolia where human brains used to form recognizable images on unknown patterns.

Did an Alien Appear in Antarctica?

It was around a few days back that popular conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring released the image from Antarctica that showed seemingly 20 meters being standing in the snow of Antarctica. After finding this alleged alien being, Waring also shared the coordinates (72°32'26.35"S 31°19'17.86"E) where this creature can be found.

Even though Waring's finding succeeded in impressing alien enthusiasts, skeptics dismissed the alien angle and made it clear that the humanoid shape is nothing but a rock partially uncovering from the snow.

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