Annular solar eclipse 2019: All you need to know about the phenomenon that falls a day after X-mas

On December 26, you can catch a glimpse of the annular solar eclipse, which will be the third and the final solar eclipse for the year 2019

Winter has always been one of the best seasons to explore the night sky since the sky remains clearer than any other time of the year and this December, you can catch a glimpse of the annular solar eclipse, which will be the third and final solar eclipse for the year 2019.

The day after Christmas, on December 26, the sky-gazers will witness the solar eclipse when the moon is at a position of its orbit, which is at its furthest from the Earth, blocking most of the Sun's light. However, it will not cover the entire Sun making it visible like a ring.

solar eclipse 2017
The solar eclipse creates the effect of a diamond ring Reuters

People residing in countries like the Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Sumatra, southern India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Phillipines, and Guam can enjoy this beautiful and rare sight of the solar eclipse when the moon passes directly between the Earth and the Sun. However, there are chances that in some regions, such as the Middle East, Asia, and Australia may witness only a partial solar eclipse, known as the 'ring of fire' eclipse.

Singapore and Malaysia timings

Meanwhile, Singaporeans can enjoy this solar eclipse after a long time as the last annular eclipse in the country was seen in 1998. The next opportunity to view such a phenomenon will come again after 44 years in February 2063.

According to reports, places in the southern half of Singapore, including Jurong, Sentosa, Changi and Bukit Timah, can experience the eclipse between 11.27am and 3.18pm on December 26. The 'ring of fire' phenomenon will strike between 1.22pm and 1.24pm.

In Malaysia, people can witness the eclipse in Kukup and Tanjung Piai, Johor at 1:22pm and in Sarawak (Serian and Seri Aman) at 1:51pm. However, people residing in Perlis (1:07pm), Kelantan (1.15pm), Kuala Lumpur (1:14pm) and Sabah (2:06pm) will see a partial solar eclipse.

If you want to experience the rare sight, then you must have proper eye protection glasses to avoid eye damage from the harmful rays of the sun.