Annabelle Creation: Why the third part of the series will be even more spine-chilling?

Annabelle: Creation tells the story of the origin of the deadly spirit and how it possessed the doll

Annabelle: Creation
Annabelle: Creation Youtube

The scariest installment of the Conjuring film series, 'Annabelle: Creation' is on its way. Originally, the upcoming movie was titled, Annabelle 2 and thought it will be a sequel but Annabelle: Creation is a prequel to Annabelle which was itself a prequel of The Conjuring.

The 2014 Annabelle's successful writer Gary Dauberman is also the man behind the upcoming movie as well. The writer promises some bone-chilling experience for the moviegoers. In fact, the trailer of 'Annabelle: Creation' gives a hint that it will be even better than the previous installments.

Annabelle: Creation tells the story of the origin of the deadly spirit and how it possessed the doll. This is something new in the horror genre revealing how the menacing spirit came to be trapped within the body of a doll.

According to inquisitr, the story of the upcoming horror movie is about a dollmaker and his wife who gets drawn to Annabelle's spirit leading to the death of her own daughter.

The trailer opens featuring a couple who welcomes a group of orphaned girls into their home. One handicapped girl is seen trying to open a locked room, it is then the dollmaker known as Samuel Mullins (Anthony LaPaglia) reveals that it is locked and must remain that way.

The trailer of the movie picks momentum from there as the handicapped girl later opens the door unleashing the evil spirit and terrorising everyone in the orphanage and the handicapped girl in particular.

One of the interesting aspects of Annabelle: Creation which brings further chaos is that on the IMDb page for Annabelle: Creation, Alicia Vela-Bailey is said to be playing Mullins' wife, but her original character's name is "Evil Mrs. Mullins," which certainly mean that there is something more going on in the old farmhouse.

To know what it is fans will have to wait till Annabelle: Creation premieres on August 11 in the theatres.

This article was first published on April 8, 2017