Ann Sindhu's Fan Girl Moment In Promotional Video For Amala Paul's "The Teacher"

The Teacher

Influencer Ann Sindhu Johny had a fanstruck moment that left her followers buzzing with excitement. The social media sensation recently appeared in an Instagram dance reel alongside Indian actress Amala Paul to promote the latter's "The Teacher."

For Ann, working with Amala was a long-awaited opportunity to meet her idol, a dream come true. It was Zapplr Media which handles influencer marketing for most top brands and movies in Kerala that had set up the shoot for the dancing reel. Fans applauded their synergy and amazing dancing, which stoked their enthusiasm for the movie.

The Teacher is a 2022 Malayalam-language drama thriller film directed by Vivek who had previously directed Athiran. This film marks the return of Amala Paul to Malayalam cinema after 5 years.