Angry California Woman Urinates in Verzion Store When Told to Wear a Mask

An unidentified California woman urinated in the Verizon store after she was told to either wear a mask of leave the store in Roseville. The police arrested the woman and recovered some stolen items from her possession.

California has so far recorded over 391,000 positive cases of coronavirus and registered 7,713 deaths due to the fatal virus. Despite experts urging people to wear a mask to stop the spread of virus, many Americans are still in defiance.

Woman Stole Goods From Nearby Shop

According to Sacramento CBS, in a call received by 911, the dispatch operator told the Roseville Police Department cops that three shoppers were refusing to leave the Verizon store, despite several requests from the staff members. Among them was an unidentified woman who was not wearing a mask.

verizon store
A maskless woman urinated in the Verizon Store in Roseville, California. Twitter

About three minutes after the first call, the operator told the cops: "They're calling back and advising that that female is pulling down her pants and is now urinating inside the business." The Roseville cops reached the spot and arrested the woman accused of urinating inside the store.

Later, during the search of her vehicle, the police recovered several items stolen from a sports goods store located nearby.

Speaking to the outlet, Verizon spokesperson Heidi Flato said that the company is requiring all customers to wear masks in their stores. Without detailing the entire issue, she said that the incident wasn't just about its new mask policy.

Incident Leaves Many Shocked Beyond Belief

Recently, while highlighting the importance of masks to combat the virus, CDC Director Dr. Robert R. Redfield called the cloth face coverings one of the most powerful weapons to slow and stop the spread of the virus. "All Americans have a responsibility to protect themselves, their families, and their communities," he had said. In the recommendations mentioned on its website, the CDC outlined that one should wear mask in public and area where it is difficult to observe social distancing.

Soon after the incident went viral several local residents and social media users expressed shock. "Absolutely not. That's totally inappropriate. We're not animals. I'm very disappointed that we as a society choose to have this unity and let the virus divide us," Michelle Davidson told the outlet.

"This also needs to stop! You...a grown fucking woman...pee on the floor because you don't want to wear a mask during a fucking pandemic? You guys are proving how disgusting you really are. #karen #antimasker," tweeted a user.

"And 102 years later a woman peed on the floor in a Verizon store because they asked her to wear a mask," wrote another while referring to the safety precautions taken by the people during the Spanish Flu.