Angels of Wuhan: Citizens turn volunteers helping medical staff and people infected with Coronavirus

A group of volunteers have joined hands together to help the people suffering from deadly Coronavirus

The Chinese city of Wuhan has been under lockdown since a month now and patients are not allowed to leave the province as the authorities have put restrictions that no one can enter or exit the second-tier town without valid permits due to the coronavirus epidemic. The government took this extreme measure to stop the coronavirus from being spread to the rest of the country and the people in Wuhan are suffering and scared for their lives.

The health officials such as doctors, nurses and attendees confirmed they only get two hours of sleep every day and are stressed out from their daily routine due to overcrowding of hospitals, where rows of people are hospitalized due to feverish like symptoms. Now, a group of common people took things on their own hands and started an army of volunteer service to help those who are suffering and also offered a helping hand to nurses and doctors.

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Wan joined the volunteer service and drops nurses to the hospitals

Mr Wan, who runs a cab service, decided to stop business for a while and dedicate his time to serving people, just like thousands of other volunteers who decided to do the same. His first assignment was to pick up nurses from their respective homes and drop them off to the hospitals. Wan has picked up and dropped hundred of nurses round the clock to Jinyintan Hospital, which is a key facility designated by the government to treat patients infected with the pneumonia-like illness among others.

The nurses leave in a hurry as soon as they're dropped to the hospital and have no time to even say goodbye or thank you, but Wan isn't looking to receive pleasantries for his volunteer service. "In this time of need, we Wuhan people have to save ourselves. Everyone has got to do their own part,'' he said to CNN.

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When asked if he fears he might catch the virus, Wan said that he doesn't fear to catch coronavirus but feels scared if the nurse catches it as they need to be on duty to help those affected. "I'm not worried about getting infected myself, but I fear the health care workers I pick up will be cross-infected -- they still need to save lives.''

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