Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow make shocking revelation against Harvey Weinstein

Angelina Jolie's remarks are further intensifying the allegation against Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood mogul

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie (Twitter)

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has now joined the long list of female celebrities who have faced misconduct from Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood mogul. The "Original Sin" star revealed that she has faced bad experiences from Weinstein during her youth, and as a result, she decided not to work with him forever.

Angelina Jolie added that she has advised her friends not to work with Weinstein due to his attitude towards female stars. The actress made it clear that this type of behavior towards women is totally unacceptable.

An investigation conducted by the New York Times also revealed that Weinstein's behavior has irked Angelina Jolie's then-boyfriend Brad Pitt which compelled him to angrily confront the Hollywood mogul at a film premiere.

Adding heat to the already blown up issue, Gwyneth Paltrow claimed that Weinstein has made unwanted advances at her when she was an amateur actor.

Days of disgrace for Harvey Weinstein

Italian film star Asia Argento and two other women have also claimed that Weinstein manhandled them. According to the New York Times investigation report, the Oscar-winning producer have forced Argento to indulge in inappropriate activities. The accusations from Argento is expected to drastically damage the already torn image of Weinstein. Following numerous similar allegations, The Weinstein Company has sacked Harvey.

Argento who is the daughter of horror director Dario Argento told that she had maintained silence until now fearing that Weinstein will crush her. The actress added that during the sexual encounter, Weinstein terrified her due to his immense size. As per Argento, the Hollywood producer weighed more than 136 kilograms at that time.

"Just his body, his presence, his face, bring me back to the little girl that I was when I was 21... After the rape, he won. I tried to get away, but maybe I didn't try hard enough. I didn't want to kick him or fight him," said Argento to New Yorker.

Harvey Weinstein has denied all the claims made by Asia Argento. Sallie Hofmeister, Weinstein's spokeswoman told that all the allegations made by Argento are fabricated and absurd.

Weinstein receiving rage from all corners

Former presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, on Tuesday, October 10 told that she is shocked and appalled to hear the allegations against Weinstein.

Barrack Obama and his wife Mitchelle issued a joint statement against Weinstein and told that they felt disgusted after hearing the allegations.

"Any man who demeans and degrades women in such fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable, regardless of wealth or status," said Obama and Mitchelle in the statement.