Android phone release faces massive disruption in Turkey, users have to wait longer 

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The tech giant Google informed its Turkish partners that the company will not be working with them on the new Android phones which are expected to release in Turkey. This decision was taken after the Turkish competition board rejected changes made by Google in its contract.

It should be noted that Google TRY also faced a fine $17.4 million in September 2018 for violating the competition law with mobile software sales. However, it was given six months to make changed to restore the issue.

New Android phone release

The competition board in Turkey said that the changes made by Google in the present contract were inadequate as they still did not allow changes to the default search engine. In a statement, Google mentioned the company won't be able to continue the work with its business partners on new Android phones to be released for the Turkish market.

It also said, "Consumers will be able to purchase existing device models and will be able to use their devices and applications normally. Google's other services will be unaffected," adding that Google is still trying to make things easy between both the parties.

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Android phone disruption

Google made this announcement via a Turkish public relations company, reported Reuters on Monday. It should be noted that the Turkish competition board has imposed a fine on the tech giant of 0.05 percent of its revenue per day over the contract violation.

The regulator had asked Google to make changes to its software distribution agreements which will allow the users to select different search engines in Android phones. It needs to be mentioned that the probe was triggered by the Yandex filing. In January this year, the competition authority also stated that it will investigate whether Google broke competition law with algorithms it uses for searches and large advertisements.

Google global CEO Sundar Pichai
Google global CEO Sundar Pichai. IANS

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