Android all set to topple Windows and become most popular operating system

Google has gained enormous success at the expense of Windows and in 2012 Google's market share was 2.2 per cent.

Android is all set to take over Microsoft's Windows as the most popular operating system for internet usage worldwide, according to date released by StatCounter in February 2017.

android & windows

The analytics firm compiles its data on the basis of latest information regarding laptop, desktop, tablets and mobiles usage. According to the chart, Windows have witnessed a sharp fall in market share from 82 per cent in 2012 to 38.6 per cent now, whereas, Google has gained enormous success at the expense of Windows. In 2012 Google's market share was 2.2 per cent and now it sits at 37.4 per cent.

StatCount pulls the information from its software that analyses around 15 billion page views per month from more than 2.5 million websites.

According to Aodhan Cullen, the CEO of StatCounter, Google reaching even close to Microsoft is a big shocker.

"The idea of Android almost matching Windows would have been unthinkable five years ago." In January 2012 Windows held 82 per cent global internet usage share compared to just 2.2 per cent for Android....the development was a function of the growth of smartphones to access the internet as well as a slowdown in sales of traditional PCs plus the impact of Asia on the global market."


However, the report notes that Windows is still holding its lead worldwide when just looking at the desktop with 84.1 per cent of the market being dominated by Microsoft as of last month. It also continues to dominate the operating system when isolating just the US and Europe markets and here iOS, not Google comes at the second spot.

All the difference in the worldwide scenario is made by Asia, where more than 50 per cent of the market is strongly dominated by Google.

"In North America Windows (all versions) maintained its lead across all platforms with 40.7 per cent share in February followed by iOS (24.9 per cent) and Android (20.3 per cent). It's a similar story in Europe where Windows (51.8 per cent) is more than twice the level of Android (23.5 per cent). However, in Asia, Android is now over 50 per cent (51.8 per cent) compared to 29.8 per cent for Windows."

Here you can read the full report.