Android 7.1.1 update potentially fixes Pixel's LTE Band 4 connectivity issues

Veteran users suggest quick-fix solutions, after news of Google Pixel's LTE Band 4 connectivity issues goes viral.

Google Pixel: LTE band 4 issue
Android 7.1.1 update potentially fixes Pixel's LTE Band 4 issues

Several Google Pixel and Pixel XL users recently reported connection glitches on their flagship phones while using the LTE Band 4 (1700MHz) on specific carriers outside the US. Some of the affected users expressed their ire on Google's product forum and hoped to find a fix for the widespread connectivity problem.

Some users who were able to overcome the LTE Band 4 issue on their Pixel phones after installing the Android 7.1.1 update, have contacted folks at Android Police to inform them about the readily available solution for the problem.

Although some users on the Google Product forum post have reported success with installing the new Nougat update, a few others are still complaining that the issue remains unresolved. It is reported that the Central and South American networks are the most affected, although there are isolated incidents in other regions.

Some of the noteworthy solutions suggested by forum users and developers include: manually switching the Pixel's wireless access mode or manually installation of the new factory image from a computer via fastboot.

Those who have already tried these fixes may go ahead and post their comment on the Google Product forum thread here and await an answer from Google's developers and engineers.