Android 7.0 Nougat OTA rollout status revealed for HTC 10, 10 Lifestyle, and One M9 in Europe

HTC flagship phones have finally joined the Nougat party in Europe, starting with Android 7.0 OTA release in the UK.

HTC 10 gets Nougat OTA update in UK, Europe
HTC 10 gets Nougat OTA update in UK, Europe

The flagship HTC smartphone has finally joined the Android Nougat party as the Android 7.0 OTA rollout has just begun for the unlocked variant of HTC 10 in the UK, while the other European countries are expected to follow soon. This is good news for the HTC smartphone users as the company has lived up to its fan expectations by keeping up the release timeline which was proposed a couple of weeks ago.

Graham Wheeler (Product and Service Director for HTC EMEA) has recently tweeted that the unlocked HTC 10 units are now getting the 1.17GB Nougat update via OTA in the UK, while it has no precise release timeframe for other European regions.

As Android Police reports, prolific tipster LlabTooFeR has recently confirmed via Twitter that the HTC 10 Lifestyle in Europe has also joined the Nougat party with the 1.15GB OTA release via ROM version 2.22.401.3.

Besides, the HTC One M9 seems to have joined the party a bit late with the arrival of yet another Android 7.0 OTA file of size 1.27GB, as confirmed by a Twitter user, Robert John Virrey (@rjvirrey).

As the OTA update is being rolled out in phases, it may take some time before it reaches all the operator variants and the global models across other countries in the world. Meanwhile, Wheeler has just updated via Twitter that the Nougat update is now available on all HTC 10 phones in Russia, Middle East and Turkey, following the UK release.

However, the rollout of the update has been temporarily suspended in mainland Europe owing to some technical snag and the HTC team is currently working on fixing the issue, while the rollout is likely to continue for other HTC devices in February.