Amos Yee banned from Facebook

Facebook account of Amos Yee, the 18-year-old Singaporean blogger has been banned for 30 days

Blogger Amos Yee arrested again
Amos Yee Reuters

It has been finally revealed that Facebook account of Amos Yee, the controversial 18-year-old Singaporean blogger, has been banned from the social networking site for 30 days. Amos Yee himself revealed this news through a video uploaded on his YouTube channel.

The young blogger has been active on Facebook since his release from the US jail, and on November 1, 2017, he has asked his fans for donations. Suddenly, his account disappeared from the Facebook platform.

"So do me a favor, it's very lonely on Twitter with only 300 followers after my 1st Twitter account got suspended. So please follow my Twitter @amosyee," wrote Amos Yee on his YouTube video. he also made it clear that he will shift to one social media platform to another if he gets banned.

According to Facebook, Amos Yee has violated the community standards of the social networking site. Earlier, Amos had also criticized many top Singaporean politicians through his social media handle.

The Singapore Government has maintained that the country will not support hate speech which will destabilize the peace in the country.

Amos Yee is not new to controversies. He started criticizing the first Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew soon after his death and he was found guilty and sentenced to four weeks in jail. But he succeeded in finding asylum in the United States.