Amer Nejma changes the scene of Tunisia's music industry by giving a platform to all the artists

Amer Nejma

The music scene in Tunisia is on a completely different level ever since Amer Nejma took up the cause of music artists in the country. He is the founder of El Distro Network, a successful record label registered in Ireland. The highly acclaimed music artist is known by the name Amer El Distro who is rightly bringing a wave of change by promoting the struggling musicians. Amer who pursued a degree in computer engineering from Technologies University in Cork City, Ireland, always had a passion for music. Based both in Germany and Ireland, he has his business ventures set up in North Africa and other parts of Europe.

Founded in 2017, El Distro is the first music distribution and promotion company in Tunisia which has now become a massive talent management company. Starting from the base, the record label is at the top of its game having signed several prominent names from the North African music industry like Weld El 15, Lil' K, Amyne, and Yassmeen Jass. The music label has now gone a step further and this year it has collaborated with Create Music Group Inc which is one of the biggest music deals in North Africa. With this association, the artists have got a huge boost as their music will be available on all major platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, and Deezer.

While speaking about this collaboration, Amer quoted, "When two great things or companies collaborate, expect fireworks. The main motive in my mind has been to promote the best names from the music industry of Tunisia and give them a platform to showcase their talent." Besides music, the producer is also a serial entrepreneur who has built business ties with many notable celebrities and brands from different industries. The net worth of the entrepreneur is grown by leaps and bounds, thanks to the high-value domain The domain conceived and registered in 2019 is said to be the next big thing in the future.

Amer's business acumen is worth appreciating and talking about the successful venture he stated that it was once in a lifetime opportunity. He said, "It was perhaps the best decision I ever made which instantly protected and boosted my client's brand value by redirecting their traffic to Facebook. Social media is indeed the most powerful tool today." Influencing the young artists with his work in the Tunisian music industry, Amer Nejma is on a mission to promote the best and the most deserving musicians on a larger scale.