Amazon suspends Entertainment Chief Roy Price for sexual harassment allegations

Roy Price, the global head of prime video content has been suspended by Amazon following sexual allegations claim from one of the company's producers

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The retail giant Amazon has suspended Roy Price, the global head of prime video content and Vice President of Amazon studios, following a sexual harassment claim from one of the company's producers.

Albert Cheng, the veteran executive, will act as the interim head of Amazon in the absence of Roy Price until a permanent replacement is found.

"Roy Price is on leave of absence effective immediately", said the Amazon spokesperson in a statement on Thursday. The statement added that the company is reviewing their options for the projects they have with Weinstein.

Comments on Weinstein was made in the statement after actress Rose McGowan posted a string of tweets to Jeff Bezos stating that the studio took her words lightly when she informed that Harvey Weinstein raped her.

Allegations against Roy Price

The suspension of Roy Price was announced just hours after Isa Hackett, a producer in Amazon, revealed her bitter experiences with Price in July 2015. In an interview given to 'The Hollywood Reporter', Isa Hackett told that Price repeatedly propositioned her during a promotional tour to Santiago in 2015.

Hackett is one of the most influential producers in Amazon, and she has worked as the executive producer of 'The Man in the High Castle', one of Amazon's elite projects. Hackett called her experience with Price "surreal and shocking'" and added that she soon reported the incident of sexual harassment to Amazon's higher officials.

Christopher Tricarico, Hackett's lawyer, said that the Hackett was never told whether the internal inquiry within the company is complete, or how the issue has been resolved. He added that Hackett, at this moment, did not wish to comment further on this case.

Albert Cheng: Amazon's trusted veteran

Albert Cheng is widely considered one of the most trusted lieutenants of Jeff Bezos, the Amazon Chief. He joined the company in 2015, after serving as chief product officer at the Disney/ABC Television Group for ten years. Cheng proved his mettle by giving valuable contributions to Amazon's Santa Monica-based studio as the Chief Operating Officer of the firm.