Amazon Delivery Driver Caught Stealing MacBook on CCTV Footage After Marking It 'Delivered'

Amazon would be shocked to learn that some of its delivery boys are not so well behaved or trustworthy. In a shocking incident, CCTV camera footage shows an Amazon delivery driver stealing a package he was supposed to deliver. The video footage posted on social media exposes the Amazon driver taking off with a package after clicking a picture to confirm the delivery.

The video has been posted on Reddit by a user by the id GoldenGoddess_333. "He's definitely not the smartest criminal on the streets," one wrote as the theft video clip shows the delivery driver suspiciously looking everywhere before taking a photograph and stealing and yet being captured on camera.

"How often do they really get caught though... this guy was just above and beyond stupid," an 8-year-old user on Reddit with the id GooseandMaverick wrote. Many others took to the comment section of the post to share their thoughts about the incident.

"Also, he wouldn't have snapped a photo of it being delivered... from the Amazon delivery drivers I've talked to, they confirm the correct package before uploading a photo for delivery status. He probably thought it was expensive because they usually are... which it wasn't," the customer further wrote.

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Helpless Amazon Customer Files Police Complaint

Meanwhile, the customer has already pressed charges for the felony. "I filed a police report," GoldenGoddess_333 wrote on the social media platform.

Well, this is not the first theft case of Amazon delivery. There have been several cases in the past wherein delivery drivers had been caught stealing from customers. Last month, in another shocking incident, a TikTok user shared a video wherein an Amazon delivery driver got caught seemingly stealing a new MacBook just the same way.

The delivery woman placed the package at the doorstep of the customer's house and stepped back to click a picture. However, instead of going back to her delivery truck, she grabbed the package and left with it.

Watch: How Amazon Delivery Man Stole Package From Customer?

"Did this lady really just take my new MacBook?" Vitaly, known by the id @talktomeiinstead on is heard asking in the viral video. The shocking video clip has racked up over 1.5 million views, and thousands of people took to the comments to share their thoughts.

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