Aliens may be dwelling inside black holes, suggests leading physicist


A new research has suggested that advanced alien civilizations may be dwelling inside black holes. The research led by Russian cosmologist Vyacheslav Dokuchaev at Moscow's Institute for Nuclear Research and the Russian Academy of Sciences hypothesize that aliens might be living inside supermassive black holes in the galactic nuclei being invisible from the outside.

According to Dokuchaev, living inside black holes is possible as per theories and principles. But it would be possible only if these black holes are rotating and massive enough.

"Living inside the eternal black holes is possible in principle if these black holes are rotating or charged and massive enough for weakening the tidal forces and radiation of gravitational waves to an acceptable level. The naked central singularity illuminates the orbiting internal planets and provides the energy supply for life supporting. Some additional highlighting during the night time comes from eternally circulating photons," said Dokuchaev, Express UK reports.

The research also suggested that if one succeeds in arriving at the event horizon of a black hole, they would observe the dimension in a more time-like manner than space-like, and it will be quite hard for human beings to comprehend. But beyond this event horizon, there lies the Cauchy horizon, where once again space becomes visible, and this is the area where Dokuchaev suggests aliens could be living.

"This internal black hole domain, hidden by the two horizons from the whole external universe, is indeed a suitable place for safe inhabitation. The only thing needed is to put your vehicle or your planet to a stable periodic orbit inside the black hole," added Dokuchaev.

Dokuchaev strongly believes that aliens who may be living in this realm will be very advanced, as it demands advanced technologies to overcome the extreme conditions including massive tidal force.

"Yet, some difficulties (or advantages?) of a life inside black holes are worth mentioning, such as a possible causality violation and the growing energy density in the close vicinity of the Cauchy horizon," Dokuchaev says.

According to modern science, black holes have immense gravitational pull, and once an object reaches the event horizon, then there is no chance of a return. However, the hypothesized alien theory put forward by Dokuchaev talks about advanced aliens which may have already get past the event horizon.