Aliens Living in Argentinian President's Mansion? Conspiracy Theorist Claims Image as 'Proof' (VIDEO)

The new discovery made by the Taiwanese researcher has made many believe that governments are covering up alien existence

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Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that advanced aliens from deep space are working closely with several world leaders. Adding to the heat of these seemingly unbelievable theories, popular conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring has claimed to have spotted an alien in the Argentinian president's mansion.

Alien Discovery Using Google Earth

Waring, who currently operates from Taiwan, made the discovery using Google Earth Map. He has often revealed that several species of aliens are living secretly on Earth. He made it clear that the extraterrestrial spotted in the Argentinian mansion could most probably be a grey alien.

"The figure is just over one meter tall. I get that from the door nob to the left of the figure. I believe this to be an alien that is cloaked and spying on the Argentina President. Perhaps the aliens know something that's about to happen caused by the Argentina president...something that will change the world in some way, good or bad. The figure has a thin body, arms, legs, and shoulders. The figure also has a black small triangle head facing the camera," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Waring later uploaded a video to YouTube that details his findings, and the clip has already gone viral. After watching the video, followers of Waring have started arguing that alien existence on Earth is real. They also allege that world leaders including the Argentinian president are involved in a sinister alien coverup.

However, skeptics claim that Waring's findings are not authentic, arguing that a camera aberration might have created the image.

Did Aliens Reach New York Streets?

A few days back, Waring had released another image that shows an alien-like being hiding under a bridge in Taughannock Boulevard, Ithaca. This convinced many people, and they argued that the US government was aware of the alleged alien presence. But experts dismissed Waring's claim as a classic case of pareidolia.

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