Alien shockproof: Scientists discover signs of more than 8,000 alien megastructures in deep space

(Representational picture) The SLS Five-Segment Solid Rocket Motor, that will launch NASA's Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft to deep space, undergoes a static test fire at the Orbital ATK facility in Promontory, Utah, June 2016. Reuters

A joint study conducted by Sweden's Uppsala University and the University of Heidelberg, Germany has indicated that there could be more than 8,000 alien mega structures in deep space. The team of astronomers who took part in the study has apparently located signs of these so-called mega-structures built around distant stars.

During the research, the study team analyzed the data produced by the Gaia spacecraft of the European Space Agency. The Gaia spacecraft has already mapped more than one billion stars in three dimensions and has spotted huge structures known as Dyson Spheres. Experts believe that these are a theoretical death star-style power station which surrounds the sun to harvest the energy.

"Proposed uses for the collected energy include supercomputing, vessel propulsion, the powering of artificial habitats and long-range communication," wrote the researchers in the study report, Metro reports.

Even though the researchers have found potential candidates of Dyson spheres, they have not succeeded in locating a solid alien meg-astructure. The researchers also made it clear that not every possible candidate of these Dyson spheres could be home to an alien civilization.

The Dyson sphere is typically not a solid shell, but rather a dense, spherical swarm absorbing satellites, with each satellite absorbing a small fraction of the stellar radiation. Some astroengineering designs, where sparse swarms, rings or single large shades are built around both stars and stellar remnants, said the researchers.

Out of the 8,000 stars analyzed, a star named TYC 6111-1162-1 is considered the most likely candidate to have a Dyson sphere orbiting around it.

It is believed that the creation of a Dyson sphere demands long years, and only advanced civilizations with impeccable technologies could make it.

However, it has been claimed that humans are in their path of building a small Dyson sphere in this century, and the first phase completion will require only a few decades.

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