Alien Message? Mysterious Crop Circle Found Near Same German Town Exactly 6 Yrs After Last Sighting

A crop circle showed up in a field near the town of Paehl in Germany on the same day in 2014, leading many to believe it's a message from beyond.

A mysterious crop circle has appeared overnight in a Bavarian wheat field, prompting thousands of tourists and locals to flock to the spot to get a glimpse of the unexplained crop formation.

The crop circle has a diameter of 100 meters and was found in a wheat field southwest of Munich near the German town of Paehl. A video tweeted by Reuters shows the perfect geometric pattern of the strange formation. Watch the clip below:

Rainer Bartesch, one of the visitors, said the crop circle showed up within the four and a half hours between midnight and sunrise on Monday, July 27, and that it rained the previous night.

"I just find it fascinating because you cannot really explain how they happen," he told Reuters. "It is just a moment where you have something you can't explain when these days everything always has to be explained, it's a thing that pushes the limits to explain."

A Message From Beyond or a Hoax?

Crop Circle in Germany
The crop circle that appeared in Weilheim, Germany on July 27, 2014. Twitter

The crop circle appeared exactly six years after the last sighting a few miles away from the town of Paehl. The crop circle, having a diameter of nearly 250 feet, was discovered by a balloonist on July 27, 2014, in a wheat field near Weilheim, which is only 5.4 miles away from Paehl.

While some believe crop circles are a result of localized and precise wind patterns or energy exposure others have attributed it to alien life. Some are claiming the crop circles are messages from extra-terrestrial beings.

Crop circle researcher and scientist Dr. Horace Drew claims the mysterious phenomena are a method extra-terrestrial beings are using to try and communicate with the human race. According to Drew, aliens are using a binary code more advanced than our computers to talk to us.

For some. it is a message from beyond. To others, it is yet another hoax. The latter idea was reinforced when, in 1991, two men, Doug Bowler and Dave Chorley, came forward claiming that they had been making the circles for 13 years. They disclosed themselves as the creators of several formations that had been deemed "genuine."