Alien hunters spot crashed UFO in Antarctica using Google Earth (VIDEO)

Ice block melt, not UFO, says expert

Antarctica Reuters

Conspiracy theory channel 'Secureteam10' has spotted a cigar-shaped object crash landed in Antarctica, and they claim that it is of extra-terrestrial origin. The bizarre object seems to have slid on the ground for some meters before it halted. The alleged UFO was located with the help of Google Earth in the South Georgia Island, a British territory with a population of just thirty.

The video has already gone viral on the Internet, and as of now, it has fetched more than 3 lakh views on YouTube.

Is that an ice rock pushed by a glacier?

Even though the channel assures the extra-terrestrial origin of this object, experts claim that it might be just a rock which was pushed to a distance by a moving glacier. Some other people believe that it might be a piece of ice that fell from a nearby mountain.

However, viewers of the conspiracy theory channel agree that there is something unusual about this picture, and they have come forward with different explanations.

One YouTube user named Yoshi Todo commented that this object might be the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and many people have supported his views. A user named Caly supported the MH 370 theory and stated that the 2 lines could be the tip of the wing and the nose or tail of the plane.

"Healthy skepticism is fine. But this object has left a nearly perfect, symmetrical, evenly-spaced trail behind it for 3,000+ feet. The two lines are evenly divided with barely any indentation or trauma to the gap between the two lines. If it were a piece of ice or normal, natural debris, don't you think the trail left behind would be much more malformed and patternless," posted another user named Dante Valentine.

Richard Waller, a geography teacher at Keele University told the Daily Mail that the photo could be of an avalanche that cast one large block of ice skidding and rolling much farther than the rest of the collapsed snow, and hence the mark of an ice block. He said such scenario is obvious to any casual observer.

As the video has sparked alien debate among the public, many people have suggested starting an expedition to unravel the mystery.

This article was first published on March 5, 2018