Alien Hunter Spots 10 Mysterious UFOs Hovering Over ISS During NASA's Live Feed

A UFO enthusiast who goes by the name of Mr MBB333 claims to have spotted 10 mysterious black colored flying objects hovering just below the International Space Station (ISS).

The UFOs were spotted during NASA's live feed from the ISS and conspiracy theorist Mr MBB333 shared screenshots of the UFO's that was originally uploaded by space watcher Jeff.

Mysterious UFO spotted in ISS NASA LiveFeed
YouTube grab / Mr MBB333

Calling it a shocking discovery, Mr MBB333 shared the screenshots by circling the unidentified dots on his YouTube channel saying, ''This is a screen grab from International Space Station above south Atlantic, at around 8.30am. 10 unknown objects travelling with the space station above the planet Earth.''

In the video, he also claims the objects were travelling above the Atlantic Ocean during the live feed and came up with his own calculations about speed, distance and time.

The video sparked a frenzy among UFO watchers who rushed to view NASA's feed and came up with their own theories as to what the objects could be. ''I just checked the ISS cameras and those little specks are still there,'' while the other commented, ''What it looks like to me is there's a whole bunch of Black Knight probes.''

For the uninitiated, The Black Knight satellites refers to a famous conspiracy theory that there is a spacecraft orbiting Earth every day and is of extraterrestrial origin and that NASA has knowledge about it but is engaging in a cover-up.

Several others think the black dots to be advanced technology used by aliens to capture data from the ISS. ''Air buoys, like sensors measuring data,'' said a user and another quipped, ''Or more frequently known as Starlink,'' hinting it be be a sort of WiFi type technology used by aliens to gather information about Earth and humans.

Other conspiracy theorists claim NASA is hiding vital information from Earthlings by not revealing the existence of 10 unidentified objects hovering over its station and is indulging in a cover-up about extraterrestrial origins in space.

However, despite all the wild claims doing the rounds on social media, NASA has not given out an official statement about the black flying objects around the ISS giving room to conspiracy theorists to weave their own story.