Alaska Woman Gets Covid-19 Twice Despite Being Vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson Jab

A woman in Alaska tested positive for Covid-19 even after being vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson jab last month.

The woman named Kim Akers, came forward sharing her story and just when you thought she would doubt the effectiveness of the vaccines, she encouraged everyone to take it instead.

Kim Akers Alaska covid 19 despite vaccine
Kim Akers / Facebook

Akers, who was recently diagnosed with the virus, once in December 2020 before the vaccine and the second time in March 2021, after taking the vaccine says she doesn't find fault the vaccine, as it was already reported that the jab might not be 100% effective in preventing the infection and encouraged people to get the shots as their situation might not be as hers.

''I want people to get the vaccine. I want awareness. I want people to get the vaccine so that we can get out of this. If they don't do this, we are not going to see an end to this,'' said Akers to Fox News.

The 50-year-old, who works as an administrative secretary in a nearby high school, took her her Facebook handle highlighting the fact about the vaccines.

''Just because you have had Covid or been fully vaccinated does not mean you can't TEST POSITIVE,'' and went on to that she tested positive twice even after being vaccinated against.

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However, despite being down with the virus, Akers believes that the vaccine worked on her body and prevented it from being life threatening and extreme and without the vaccine she could have been in a dire situation battling life and death.

"I believe it worked for me (vaccine). I could have been so much worse. I believe in the doctors and the scientists. I wish more people would believe in them,'' she said to Fox News and added ''It would be great if it completely protected you.''

Akers revealed she suffered from intense headache, an unusual cough and common cold which later turned to fever and got the vaccine on March 5, and had an underlying health condition of rheumatoid arthritis and tested positive for the second time on March 29.

Thankfully, her condition didn't turn serious as she recovered in three days time with only a little headache that spilled over for another two days before vanishing.

Also, several media outlets contacted Johnson & Johnson for a response and the firm has not released a statement explaining the situation yet.

However, as per health officials, the Covid-19 vaccine, be it of any company is not 100% effective and a tiny fraction of people despite being vaccinated can still contract the virus as it doesn't completely work on their body. Also, the virus is constantly mutating making it harder for vaccines to cope up with their evolvement.

Akers in her final line requested everyone to come forward and take the vaccine ''to keep you out of the hospital and prevent death and hopefully lessen your symptoms."