Alabama Cop Allegedly Kills Pregnant Girlfriend; Reports her Death as 'Suicide'

The woman told the cop that she was pregnant moments before getting shot in the head in a parked vehicle.

An Alabama police officer was charged in connection with his girlfriend's death on Friday, January 7. According to Fox News, David McCoy, 28, from the Huntsville Police Department was charged with capital murder following a Friday incident on Lawsons Ridge Drive Friday. He is being held without bail.

Sources told WAAY 31 that McCoy shot his girlfriend in the head inside a parked vehicle on Lawsons Ridge Drive, and then called to report the death claiming the woman shot herself. According to Huntsville Police, he was off duty at the time of the incident.

The death investigation is led by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency's State Bureau of Investigation. The agency noted in a statement that the investigation is ongoing. Once complete, the findings will be turned over to the Madison County District Attorney's Office.

David McCoy
David McCoy Huntsville Police Department

The woman told the Alabama cop she was pregnant before the shooting

According to WAAY 31, the woman in question, who is believed to have been McCoy's girlfriend, had informed him that she was pregnant before the shooting. The identity of the woman is not clear at the moment. McCoy reportedly called in to dispatch and said that a woman appearing to be a suicide victim was sitting in a car in an apartment complex parking lot.

McCoy's connection with the woman was revealed after the investigators saw the text messages on her phone. Huntsville Police Department investigators who responded to the call from McCoy interviewed him initially before SBI was able to talk with him.

Administrative leave

Madison County Coroner Dr. Tyler Berryhill noted that an autopsy on the victim is due on Monday, which will be performed by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences Huntsville Regional Laboratory. The victim's identity will be released after notifying the family.

McCoy is placed on administrative leave following the investigation.