Airbnb's new 'party-prevention' tech allows hosts to monitor guests

Airbnb has introduced new "party-prevention" tech to allow hosts to make sure guests behave themselves in their rentals

This might sound creepy but Airbnb has just launched surveillance devices to make sure their guests do not break any of the house rules. There have been plenty of stories about Airbnb properties being misused by guests by throwing parties that have gone out of control, homes trashed, and even rentals used to make pornographic films.

Well, now Airbnb has a solution to this problem – "party prevention" devices that allows hosts to ensure their guests behave themselves. There are three devices on offer, all of which are easy to fit and can either be mounted on a wall or ceiling. The devices have a one-time purchase price between $100 and $150 and then hosts have to pay a monthly subscription fee from nothing to $10 a month. Here they're:

The Minut party-prevention device offered by Airbnb. Airbnb


Minut is a device that maintains the privacy of the guests while monitoring "noise, temperature, motion, humidity and alarms when your property is unoccupied." The device does not need to be plugged in to an outlet and can be installed hassle-free without any tools anywhere in the property. The device retails for $150 but Airbnb is currently offering a $50 discount on the product.

Noise Aware Indoor Sensor

Billed as "the best way to protect your home, your neighbours, and your reputation," the Noise Aware Indoor Sensor will send you a notification if noise levels in your property continue to remain above normal levels and even filters out instantaneous loud sounds like doors slamming or something falling. The device is being offered for $149 (25% discount on regular price of $199).


Roomonitor is a real-time noise-controlling device for rentals that allows hosts to be aware of noise levels in their rentals and "avoid problems before they occur" by pushing out alerts directly to the hosts' device. Airbnb is taking $126 off the product's regular price and selling it for $39 a piece.

Since these are monitoring devices there are some rules that need to be followed when using them. The devices are not intended to be hidden or concealed and guests are required to be informed about them so that everything is open and transparent. Also, the devices are not allowed to be installed in bedrooms or bathrooms and cannot record audio or video.