AI Can 'Bring People Back to Life' and Selfies Will be Used to Make 3D Clones, Expert Claims

The expert said that the world is just a couple of years away from having online avatars, which were predicted by The Simpsons

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to 'bring people back to life' and it is going to use selfies for creating 3D digital clones soon, an expert claims. Tech boss named Eugenia Kuyda stated that the world is just a couple of years away from having online avatars that were predicted by The Simpsons.

According to the cartoon comedy's 2014 Days of Future episode, Marge loads the clone of Homer on to a getting after becoming fed up with cloning her accident-prone husband back to life. Kuyda has already uploaded her closest Roman Mazurenko onto one of her creations following his death in a car accident, said that the show will get yet another prediction right.

AI Might be Able to Bring People Back to Life

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When she was asked if AI will be able to bring people back to life, she told Lex Fridman podcast that it is most possibly down the road, as reported by the Daily Star. She also stated that in some time humans will be able to just show a picture of a person that they want the avatar to look like and it will be able to generate a 3D model. "That's a no-brainer, that's almost here, it's a couple of years away," she said.

The co-founder of a chatbot named Replika talked about hoe she loaded overt 10,000 texts between her and Roman on to an AIpowered chatbot in 2016. "I built a chatbot to just talk to him and it felt really creepy or weird and I didn't want to tell people because it felt like I had a skeleton," she said.

"It worked pretty well and it made tons of mistakes but it still felt like him. I didn't want him to be forgotten. I never thought that people forget about dead people so fast," she added. Kuyda, who currently lives in San Francisco stated that she believes her story can be made into a film.

In modern times, the rise of AI in the world has been a major development for human beings technologically. With every passing day, researchers believe that machines are getting smarter with major breakthroughs in the recent past like speech recognition. The healthcare system of the world is also going to be hugely benefited from the advancements in AI.

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