Ahmad Al Issa: The Lone, Angry and 'Anti-Social' Killer's Family Came From Syria Seeking Refuge

The deadly Boulder supermarket shooting killed 10 innocent people and a police officer as gunman Ahmad Al Issa opened fire at the King Soopers grocery store in Colorado.

The weapon he used in the attack was a black AR-15-style pistol which he modified with an arm brace. His arrest warrant says he wore "tactical" or "armored" vest at the beginning before he opened fire.

Ahmad Al Issa Boulder Colorado Shooting
Twitter / Boulder Police Dept

Ahmad Al Issa's Family Came to America From Syria

The shooter and his family escaped war-torn Syria and moved to the United States for a better life. The the suspect is a naturalized American citizen.

After the shooting, a group of detective's went to the Arvada home, which is owned by Ahmad's father but the door was left unanswered. The two-storey house with a three-car garage is in a relatively new middle and upper class neighborhood and the family seems to be doing well financially.

Another group of detective's went to Ahmad's house and found his sister-in-law who confessed that she saw him playing around with an assault weapon she believes looked like a ''machine gun'' about two days before the shooting.

Boulder shooting suspect
A maskless man being escorted by officers in handcuffs. Twitter

The brother of the suspect told CNN that Ahmad was bullied in high school by classmates as he hailed from Syria and poked fun of his name, and also taunted him for being a Muslim, and that may have contributed to him having ''anti-social'' tendencies.

The suspect is known to have mostly no friends and was very alone all throughout his growing up years. It is known that he had a bad temper and people hardly spoke or mingled with him.

"People chose not to mess with him because of his temper, people chose not to really talk to him because of all how he acted and things like that. So yeah, he was very alone," said Damien Cruz, a classmate of Ahmad since the fifth grade to CNN.

Flags Across America Lowered

Joe Biden announced that flags across the country will be lowered in memory of the victims, an order which comes right after the Atlanta shootings. The two orders which came back-to-back mean a near-continuous national mourning for almost two weeks straight.