After School's Uee is a bit 'jealous' seeing Lee Sang Yoon's chemistry with Kim Ha Neul

Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Ha Neul are seen together KBS's drama, On the Way to the Airport.

Lee Sang Yoon
Lee Sang Yoon is dating After School's Uee Instagram

South Korean actor Lee Sang Yoon revealed his girlfriend, South Korean singer/actress Uee is very supportive of his work. The 35-year-old actor is seen with Kim Ha Neul in KBS's drama, On the Way to the Airport.

During a press conference for the show, Yoon was asked what was the 28-year-old After School member's reaction after seeing the series. He said: "Uee has been watching the drama since week one. In a joking way, she said to me, '[You and Kim Ha Neul] look so good together it's making me jealous.' She's supporting me a lot."

In May, the agencies of both the actors released an official statement to confirm the dating rumours. Yoon released an official note on Fancafe to talk about his love life.

"I know you already saw through articles, but I am dating actress UEE. I decided to start seeing her because she is such a great person. I know some people are worried about the public relationship, but as important as my life as a public acting figure is, my personal life as Lee Sang Yoon is also important to me. I did not want to hide dating a person I loved. Please understand," the Insane actor wrote.

He added: "I know it may be selfish, but I want support from my fans more than anyone else. Please understand and support us."

In a recent interview with Singles magazine, Yoon talked about his dating life. He said: "When we're together, we play silly jokes on each other. I like to joke around a lot. I think that you become close to people through teasing each other."

He added: "Because of that, I think I have confidence in playing clumsy characters who do weird things."