After Maradona, singer Andy Bell claims he'd rejected sexual opportunity with an alien

Few days after football legend Maradona claimed that he was abducted briefly by aliens, Andy Bell, the singer, claimed that he turned down the offer to have sex with an extraterrestrial alien because he was gay


Andrew Ivan Bell, popularly known as Andy Bell is the lead singer of the English synth-pop duo Erasure. The singer is openly gay, and he had a longtime partner, Paul M Hickey who died in 2012. Now, the singer has revealed that he has turned down an offer to engage in a sexual encounter with an alien.

Andy Bell's unbelievable claims

Andy Bell revealed that he was once paid a visit by a fleet of 1,000 spaceships, and flying angels. As the angels met Bell, they asked whether he is interested to engage in a sexual encounter with an extraterrestrial alien. However, the singer apparently rejected the offer as he is gay.

Andy Bell
Andy Bell Wikipedia Commons

"One of the angels asked whether I would like to experience what it would be like to make love to an alien, but I just thought, 'No'. I just thought I'm not quite ready for it yet because they are all sexualities, all together, all mixed up, and they've got like one tentacle. The thing that stopped me from doing it is because I say that I'm gay and their sexual experience is neither gay nor straight, female nor male, it's all mixed up together. I didn't want to go with a woman. That's just how I am," said Bell, Daily Star Online reports.

Bell also added that the alien visit was a really wonderful experience, and the 55-year-old singer made it clear that he has witnessed UFOs hovering in the skies of London.

Maradona's claims about alien abduction

A few days back, legendary Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona had claimed that he was once abducted by extraterrestrial aliens in a UFO. He also added that he went missing for three days after the abduction.

Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona Reuters

While talking to Argentine sports channel TyC Sports, Maradona revealed that he believes in the presence of aliens, and shared his mindblowing alien abduction story. "Why make things up ah? Once after a few too many drinks, I went missing from home for three days. They took me, I cannot tell you about it," said Maradona.

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