After Jun Ji Hyun and Han Ye Seul, Garo Sero Institute Makes Shocking Allegations Against Choi Ji Woo's Husband

Controversial YouTube channel Garo Sero Institute, which had made shocking allegations against Han Ye Seul and Jun Ji Hyun, has now targeted Choi Ji Woo. They have alleged that her non-celebrity husband is "cheating" on her.

Choi Ji-Woo
Choi Ji-Woo Reuters

Choi Ji Woo tied the knot to her boyfriend in 2018. Since then, she had stayed away from the limelight. At the time of her wedding, the actress had not given away much information about her hubby, but she had revealed that they were in a relationship for about a year before tying the knot.

According to Dispatch, her husband was the CEO of an app company and the report claimed that they dated for over three years.

Is he Cheating on Choi Ji Woo?
Garo Sero Institute had recently released a group photo in which Han Ye Seul was seen with her actresses Han Ga In, Choi Ji Woo, Go So Young, and Cha Ye Ryun. It was alleged that they had taken the photo at a karaoke bar where Seul met her current boyfriend.

Now, the YouTube channel has made allegations of infidelity against Choi Ji Woo's husband, as per a report on Koreaboo. Kim Yong Ho, journalist and host of Garo Sero Institute, he is cheating on her and shared a photo to prove their claims.

"Choi Ji Woo's husband took the BMW that she bought him and went to a motel. There was a female inside his car. It wasn't his wife, but some other woman. That photo evidence is with me right now," Koreaboo quotes Kim Yong Ho as saying.

Kang Yong Suk, co-host and lawyer, asked Kim Yong Go whether or not to share the picture as they were yet to edit out the personal details. Kim Yong Ho stated, "The car's license plate can be seen in the photo so I want to disguise it before I show it to people. If you look at the license plate number, it can immediately be confirmed that it is Choi Ji Woo's car. However, I will show you guys the motel he went to.

Jun Ji Hyun and Han Ye Seul's Controversies
The same YouTube channel had speculated that Jun Ji Hyun's marriage with Choi Jun Hyuk was in trouble and the estranged couple's relationship was heading for a divorce. However, they had denied the rumours.

Also, the channel had alleged that Han Ye Seul's boyfriend was working as a male escort. This came after she made her relationship official, last month.