After Edge, will Steve Austin return to WWE? Here is what Rattlesnake says

After a gap of nine years, Edge has returned to WWE. The Rated R Superstar made his comeback at Royal Rumble on Sunday, 26 January, held at the Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas. His re-entry made many wonder whether this could inspire Steve Austin to consider returning to the sports entertainment.

Steve Austin
Steve Austin. WWE

Edge had retired following a life-ending neck injury in 2011. He made his re-entry at the 30-man Royal Rumble match. He was knocked out of the match by Roman Reigns. The 46-year old has reportedly signed a three-year contract with the WWE and has now started is feud with Randy Orton.

Like Edge, Steve Austin was forced to retire from the sports entertainment following too after suffering a career-ending injury like Edge. The Rattlesnake has now responded to the question on his podcast, The Steve Austin Show.

Well, The Bionic Redneck has reiterated that he would not be getting into the ring. "Basically you're asking me, based on Edge's return, would I consider making a return? No. Whatever Edge is doing has nothing to do with me. I'm done. I've already said I'm done and I wish that dude all the luck in the world," he said in the podcast.

Steve Austin has welcomed the return of Edge, but wants The Ultimate Opportunist to be careful in the ring. "When I see a guy who's kinda had a similar type of neck situation as I had, or just neck surgery in general, and to leave the business when he did nine years ago and then come back, I'm like, 'OK. Man, be careful out there,'" he continued.

He added, "Ya know? Just because I haven't seen you in action and we know it's a very physical business. You can get hurt at any time, anyway. It can be very dangerous. So just please be careful."