After Chris Evans' Explicit Photo Leak, Mark Ruffalo Pacifies The Onscreen 'Captain America'

Mark Ruffalo Pacifies Avengers' Co-Star Chris Evans After His Explicit Photo Leaks on Instagram

Chris Evans' Instagram blunder has created a huge buzz on social media making it a historical event on Twitter. The fantastic actor of Fantastic Four accidentally leaked his own d**k picture on his official Instagram account in an attempt to upload a video clip of himself playing 'Heads Up' with his friends which turned out to become a social media blunder.

The Captain America of Avengers after publishing his explicit content soon realized about his mistake. He immediately deleted the nude photo showing his free willy on the platform, but, some of his followers had already managed to grab a screenshot of his erect penis within the small gap.

While netizens came out in support of the Marvel actor urging everyone on social media to 'respect his privacy', his Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo, who played the green guy "Hulk", showed him the silver lining in the entire episode. He wrote: "Bro, while Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself. See... silver lining."

The whole world seems to have seen Chris Evans' naked on social media and his dick picture, which is being shared on most of the social media platforms by his fans around the world. The accidental nude photo leak might have caused embarrassment to the Hollywood actor while on the other hand, most of his fans were happy to see their favorite actor trend on the social media platform after all he looks like the real-life "Captain America".

Chris Evans Nude Leak
Chris Evans Nude Leak on Instagram

Many of The Marvel star's followers took to Twitter and other social media platforms to share the snap and comment on it. One of his loyal fans expressed that Chris Evans' leaking Chris Evans' nudes is the highlight of his Saturday, while another admirer called it "America's D**k". Captain America's social media blunder has literally become a hot topic on social media.

Here's the tweet by Marvel's Hulk Mark Ruffalo:

Some of the fans even started speculating if the picture was of Chris Evans' younger brother, Scott Evans, as nude photos of him have already ousted in the past.

On the personal front, Chris Evans has been in news lately allegedly for his fling with Lily James. The duo was snapped together in London recently.