African-American man kidnaps white woman, makes her watch 9-hour series on slavery

Robert Noye (52) kidnapped a woman and forced her to watch the 1977 mini-series 'Roots', to make her "understand her racism"

A person by name Robert Noye was arrested on Monday, Feb. 17 by the Cedar Rapids Police Department, on the charges of first-degree harassment and false imprisonment. The 52-year old African-American allegedly kidnapped a white woman and forced her to watch the 1977 mini-series 'Roots', based on slavery.

Robert Noye kidnaps woman, made a watch 'Roots'

Robert Noye

A 52-year old Iowa man Robert Noye kidnapped the woman and forced her to watch 'Roots', the 1977 mini-series on slavery, so she could "better understand her racism", reported The Gazette.

When the woman attempted to leave, he reportedly told her to "remain seated and watch the movie with him or he would kill her and spread her body parts across Interstate 380 on the way to Chicago". Noye was arrested on Monday and charged with first-degree harassment and false imprisonment. According to police, the pair is in an on-off relationship for many years.

About 'Roots'

'Roots' is a celebrated mini-series made in 1977, based on the life of author Alex Haley's family line, who penned the novel with same title in 1976.

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The series starts from 1770s Gambia, capturing the enslavement of Haley's ancestor Kunta Kinte. It ends in the post-Civil war America, with the liberation of Kinte's descendants. Then, 63-year old American actor Levar Burton played Kinte's part in the series.

Kinte is a 15-year old Gambian warrior who comes across a group of slaves and their captives, while trying to capture a bird. He is also later captured by slave hunters, aided by four black collaborators, who belonged to Kinte's family's arch-enemies, the Koros tribe.

The series captures his journey from West Africa to America, where he's sold to a plantation-owner. It showcases attempt to Christianize Kinte, who tries to retain his Islamic faith.

The series captures sexual assault of his female descendants, at the hands of their masters. During the Civil War, the family is harassed by members of Klu Klux Klan, the ultra-right wing group in America.

A remake of the show was released on History channel in 2016, featuring Malachi Kirby as Kunte Kinte.