Adelaide residents get to see International Space Station with naked eyes several times next week

'Just witnessed the space station whizz past over head!! Rather surreal #ISS #nasa,'' shared a Twitter user.

International Space Station ISS
Twitter / Andrew Morgan / NASA

Residents of Adelaide were the lucky ones, as they got the opportunity to see the International Space Station with their naked eyes for a good five minutes from 8:47 PM to 8:52. The Space Station appeared 11 degrees above North West of Adelaide and disappeared at 24 degrees above East South East from the point of compass.

The station resembled a bright star moving quickly around horizon to horizon and residents didn't even need a telescope to spot it in the skies. Right from today, the station will appear 16 times over Adelaide in the span of one week as it orbits the planet just over 15 times a day.

Adelaide residents took to Twitter and shared their excitement spotting the International Space Station and shared pictures and videos on the social media site. ''Just witnessed the space station whizz past over head!! Rather surreal #ISS #nasa,'' shared a user while the other said, ''Talk about have a heart attack - was just out in the front yard watching #ISS, screeching tyres & some guys yells over the fence "do you have a grey cat?" As he said just hit one but can't find it. I raced in to make sure Milly inside - there she was inside OK.''

The Space Station is now home to six astronauts who are all women and was launched on November 20, 1998 and has been in continuous orbit since then. There have been a total of 61 expeditions to the space station, bringing supplies and personnel and the current astronauts of the ISS are Italian, Russian and US crew members. While several residents were lucky to spot the ISS in the sky, many others couldn't spot it due to the cloud cover as per their locality.

The all six women astronauts created history by doing a spacewalk and the event was watched live around the world. U.S President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence had a video conference from the White House with the six astronauts and congratulated them for their feat. He said, ''You're doing an incredible job.'' Ivanka Trump was present at the video conference and she congratulated the astronauts too.