Acer joins the 360-degree video craze with two new cameras

Acer has announced two new 360-degree cameras, which will be launched soon

Another tech major is joining the 360-degree video craze with two new cameras, between which one is specially designed to be used in cars. Acer has introduced two new cameras - Holo360 and Vision360.


Holo360 is a smartphone-sized 360-degree camera, which is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. The recently announced LTE-connected camera also comes with a 3-inch display and it can capture 360-degree videos in 4K resolution. Holo360 runs on Android 7.1, which makes it really easy for the users to share the captured videos over social media platforms.


The other camera that Acer has announced is the Vision360, which is specially developed to take videos in a car. This high-end dash cam is capable of filming every angle of a car during a collision in 4K resolution. Users can then upload that footage to the cloud with GPS coordinates and also the speed. If a car is not moving (for example in a parking station) and it gets hit, the Vision360 will get activated, record a clip, and send a notification to the user's phone. It appears to be a far better solution than the simple dash cams, particularly, if the vehicle gets hit from behind.

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Vision360 also supports remote viewing and location tracking, which can help the users find their cars in parking lots. Consumers will be able to watch the footages later through Acer's VR headset.

While the retail price of Holo360 will be $429 at the time of its launch in November, the Vision360 will carry a price tag of $414. Both the devices will be released later this year in Europe.