Aaliyah Salazar: Colorado Teenager Fatally Shot While Filming TikTok Videos With Juveniles Who Were Handling Firearms

A Colorado teenager was fatally shot while filming for a TikTok video. The 14-year-old was posing for TikTok videos with two of her friends at her grandfather's home. Aaliyah Salazar was shot by one of her minor friends, who was handling a firearm, when she was posing for TikTok video in early August.

Police responded to the emergency calls and reached the 300 block of Monroe Street at 4.26 pm on August 7. Aaliyah was unconscious and not breathing, according to the police after they arrived at the scene.

Aaliyah Salazar
Aaliyah Salazar Twitter

A few moments after emergency services reached the scene, confirming that there were no signs of life in the victim. Salazar was shot in the head. The tragic incident was also captured on camera.

Juvenile Females Were Arrested In The Incident

Two juvenile females, who were filming the incident, were arrested in the incident. Police also arrested Emiliano Vargas, 21, in connection with the death. Vargas was not in the home at the time of the incident but the firearm used in the shooting belonged to Vargas.

Aaliyah Salazar
Aaliyah Salazar Twitter

Police Recovered Video Of Moments Before Shooting

Police recovered a video Salazar had recorded moments before the shooting.

The video showed Salazar dancing while another person in the background was "fiddling with something." Salazar's family and friends gathered to remember the teen earlier this week, with some criticizing how law enforcement was handling the investigation, according to Fox News.

Her grandfather Gary Salazar underlined that she could go into a store and come out with 20 new friends. "She was just that type of person. She loved people and people loved her," said Gary.

Aaliyah Recently Graduated From The 8th Grade

Aaliyah had recently graduated from the 8th grade at Monte Vista Middle School and would have been a freshman at Monte Vista High School this year. Aaliyah was Gary's whole world, he loved his baby girl so much, according to Newsweek.

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Monte Vista Police Department have arrested two juvenile females, who have not been named, and 21-year-old Emiliano Vargas in connection with the death.
Vargas, who legally owned the handgun in question, is not believed to have been in the property when the shooting took place. However, he has been charged with providing or permitting a juvenile to posses a firearm