60 Indonesian police caught red-handed while receiving gifts from gambling outlet owner

Indonesia police and gambling
Indonesia police and gambling Reuters & Pixabay

Thai police officers are investigating a new issue involveing 60 police officers, who have received angpow or hóngbāo from an alleged gambling outlet owner. According to reports, these police officers were from four Bangkok based police station.

Maj Gen Boonyarit Rodma, Metropolitan Police Division 7 commander has ordered to launch the investigation after watching a viral video, posted on country's social media platform. This video showcased that those policemen were waiting in a long queue to receive the red envelope from the gambling outlet owner.

The Sun Daily has reported that in just 15 hours after posting the video, it has been viewed over 159,000 times and shared over 2,200 times.

Boonyarit Rodma also mentioned that the police officers belong to Taling Chan, Thamma Sala, Bang Yikhan and Bang Saothong police stations. He also said that chief of each police stations will be questioned regarding such unethical activity, as he wants to know that how such embarrassing incident could happen under their supervision.

Boonyarit Rodma said four police stations are asked to file reports on this incident within a week.

This incident took place after Chalermkiat Sriworakhan, the deputy national police chief General issued an instruction to the police chief of all stations to ensure that none of the subordinated had taken hóngbāo from the owner of the gambling outlet, who is also known as a Chinese Businessman.

However, when it comes to gambling it is illegal on the territory of Indonesia. According to reports compared to other Asian countries, the growth of gambling in Indonesia is less than other regions.

Even though casino and gambling both are banned in the country, still these activities exist in Indonesia.

The punishment for gambling in Indonesia is quite harsh. In the northern province, the punishment is canning, which usually takes place publicly, in order for the society to take it as a warning.