5 reasons why you should install Kodi on your PC, phone

IBTimes Singapore has listed five reasons why you should install Kodi on your PC or smartphone.

Kodi is a one-stop app for viewing needs of people from different walks of life. News junkies, sports fanatics, movie buffs and every type of viewer can take advantage of this app's versatility.

Surprisingly, there are not so many people who have heard of this impressive app. Hence, IBTimes Singapore has listed five reasons why you should install Kodi on your PC or smartphone.

Live sports

Live streaming of sports events could be one major advantage about the Kodi app. MoneySports and several other add-ons offers sports enthusiasts live sports events from around the world for free.

TV shows

Apparently, you cannot carry you cable TV around, not to mention you have to pay your monthly subscription which can be very expensive when they add up. Kodi, being available on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and others, will always bring with your favourite TV channels with you--History Channel, BBC, ESPN, name it, Kodi has it.

Live news channels

With live news add-ons like USTVcatchup and NewsLook, Kodi allows you to stream the world's most reputable news channels anytime and anywhere. Some add-ons offer pro versions for a fee while others come with absolutely zero payment.


Apart from all the viewing treats you will experience with Kodi, it also boasts podcasts can you can listen to. From dated ones to fresh releases, get your daily podcast fix from so many trusted add-ons.

Movies and TV shows

Yes, there is Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and all other movie-streaming programs available out there, but what makes Kodi a real winner are the movies and TV shows that you can keep in a single platform. You have tonnes of add-ons to choose from with all of your go-to flicks.

If you have not installed the Kodi app yet, you can visit its website and simply download the installer. Kodi is available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi and other platforms.