31 Times Covid-19 Positive in 5 Months: Unbelievable Story of an Indian Woman

A woman from India's Rajasthan contracted the Coronavirus almost five months ago and since then she tested COVID-19 positive 31 times.

The Coronavirus pandemic hit the world more than a year ago. But still, there are some cases that are making healthcare experts confused about their understanding of COVID-19. An unusual case of a woman from India's Rajasthan is one of them.

A woman from Rajasthan's Bharatpur district contracted the Coronavirus almost five months ago and since then she tested COVID-19 positive 31 times. The doctors treating the woman at the RBM Hospital, which is located in the city of Bharatpur, left stunned to see the continuation of the disease.

The management of a residential home for the destitute, Apna Ghar Ashram, from when the COVID-19 patient hails, is now considering referring her case to SMS Hospital, which is located in Rajasthan's Jaipur.

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An Unusual COVID-19 Case

According to the founder of the residential home, Dr. BM Bhardwaj, the woman, Sharda, was brought to the Ashram from Bazhera village. Her first COVID-19 test was conducted on August 28 last year. At that time, she tested positive for the Coronavirus caused disease.

Later, Sarada was sent to the RBM Hospital for further treatment. But considering her mental and physical health condition. The doctors allowed an attendant to stay with her. After some time, the woman was shifted to Ashram's quarantine facility.

Dr. Bhardwaj said that as of now, a total of 31 COVID-19 tests have been conducted on Sarada. But the shocking fact is each time her test results came positive.

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Meanwhile, Sarada was given ayurvedic, homeopathic and allopathic medications. The doctor was surprised to see her in good health, as she showed no sign of weakness, despite being tested positive 31 times in a row.

The woman was kept in two isolation facilities to make sure that others do not come in contact with her. According to instructions given by the doctors, Sarada can only stay with normal people outside the isolation if her reports come negative for COVID-19.

As of now, hospitals in the Bharatpur district have no Coronavirus positive patients, except the rare case of Sarada.

Usually, when a person tests positive for COVID-19, the patient is kept in quarantine for almost 14 days. In most cases, the patient is discharged after a test comes negative, followed by a complete recovery. But Sarada's case is extremely rare. So, the management of the "Ashram" is left with no option but to send her to Jaipur's SMS Hospital.

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