3 men arrested for dangerously driving e-scooters at over 100 kmph

Accidents involving e-scooters are quite common in Singapore, and police are taking strict actions against people who ride at dangerous speeds


Singapore Police have arrested three men for riding their e-scooters at over 100 kilometers per hour. The related incident of the case happened on October 14 when these men rode their electric scooters at a dangerous speed along Nicoll Drive.

Details of the incident

According to Police officials, these men, aged between 32-37 rode the e-scooters at a dangerous speed, sometimes over 130 kilometers per hour in the wee hours of October 14. Investigation officers said the trio who were nabbed now are friends, and they were seen chasing each other before getting busted by the traffic police.

Continuous complaints from the public

The lane across Nicoll Drive is one of the hottest riding targets among speed lovers. The public has reportedly complained to traffic police regarding the racing along the Nicoll Drive stretch, and as a result, police had beefed up their surveillance which finally resulted in their arrest.

E-Scooter accidents are rising and last week, a woman suffered head injury after her e-scooter hit a car. In the wake of continuous accidents, police have asked e-scooter riders to drive safely and to abide all traffic rules while on wheels.

Police have also issued a strong warning against violators, and have cautioned that strict action will be taken against offenders.

Earlier this month, Singapore Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan said that there were 90 accidents reported in the first half of this year involving e-bikes. He also told parliament that four people died and 90 were injured in these accidents during the period.