2017 iPad Pro review roundup: 'A full-fledged computer'

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro has taken the tech space by storm for its capability that goes beyond its tiny build.

ipad pro

Apple has introduced "the world's most advanced displays" in the 2017 iPad Pro variants. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro has taken the tech space by storm for its capability that goes beyond its tiny build. Analysts have been smitten by its impressive screen and powerful specifications.

Ars Technica particularly favours the new tablet's display with an incredible refresh rate clocked from 60 hertz to 120 hertz. As Apple dubs it "ProMotion", this technology delivers a more fluid animation and a more responsive touch sensitivity.

The Cupertino titan offers the best screen in the tablet line-up so far. "None of the display improvements that Apple has made post-Retina...have had quite as big an impact as those sharper screens did, but the 120-hertz refresh rate comes close", states Ars Technica.

TechCrunch calls the 10.5-inch iPad Pro "a full-fledged computer", the kind that this age is in dire need of. The world is becoming mobile and largely reliant to artificial intelligence making keyboard seem outdated.

Apple is bringing the world into one's hands with the 2017 iPad Pro, most especially when it is armed with iOS 11. "The combination of custom silicon, a still robust and specifically attuned software ecosystem and a focus on security, Apple has everything it needs to make a strong showing here", states TechCrunch. "Whether it leads to future growth of the category I don't yet know – but this particular recipe is coming to maturity".

The Verge gives all praises to Apple for pulling off such a stunning device. With its whopping US$649 base price, however, it is doubtful if it could sell well. As it explains, Apple is making the 10.5-inch iPad Pro the tablet with a computing machine's price which is too early to hit the market.

"Let's get back to that value equation... Basically, should you buy it? The iPad Pro 10.5 presents a conundrum: it is a stupendous device that I firmly believe most people shouldn't buy just yet", states The Verge. Despite its reservations, the publication is firm that the tablet's 9-hour battery life is to-die-for.

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro is undoubtedly a ground-breaking device. Would you buy it?

This article was first published on June 14, 2017