2-year-old Malaysian child dies inside car as mother forgets

Child abuse in Malaysia
Malaysian child died (Representational Picture) Reuters

A two-year-old child from Malaysian town called Port Dickson died after mother left her inside the car for several hours on Wednesday, March 14.

Port Dickson district police chief Superintendent Zainudin Ahmad said that the mother, Hasmah Masroh drove her Proton Saga and brought the infant to a local college, which is her workplace at around 9 am. When she arrived at the college car parking site, she left her daughter inside the car.

The 32-year-old woman forgot about the child, Nur Awfa Humaisha Muhammad Ali Riduan and suddenly realised after four hours.

Berita Harian quoted Zainudin as saying that at around 1 pm the woman realised that she left her child inside the car and when she rushed to her car she found the unconscious body of the infant.

Hasmah did not waste any time and took Nur Awfa to e Klinik Kesihatan Port Dickson. But after medical examination, hospital authority pronounced her dead.

Zainudin said that after receiving a negative reply, the case was referred to the Port Dickson Hospital.

Reports said that when Hasmah arrived at the college, she turned off the engine and went into her office without noticing her child.

One of the friends of the woman said that Hasmah usually sticks to her daily routine. She sends her five-year-old daughter to a kindergarten, then drops her youngest daughter to a nursery and then heads towards her workplace.

Another friend said that this incident is unexpected. She added that Hasmah might have been in extreme work pressure.

Police said that a post-mortem will be conducted to confirm and investigate the cause of death. Reports claimed that this unfortunate incident could be a case of heatstroke.

Malaysian law says that under Section 31(1) (a) of the Child Act, which governs negligence and exposing a child to injury, a convict of such criminal charges has to face a jail term up to 10-years or a maximum fine of RM20, 000 or both.