2 Kiwifruits a day keep heart problems away: Know more about the little fruit that can save your life

Here are some amazing health benefits of kiwifruit that you probably never knew about.

Benefits of Kiwi fruit
The kiwifruit is named after New Zealand's Kiwi bird because they both are small, brown and furry. Reuters

Researchers have found that the small fuzzy kiwifruit is not just a mere pretty-looking exotic fruit, named after the Kiwi bird for being small, furry and brown just like the birdie. The fruit is packed with many amazing health benefits, especially when it comes to protecting people from heart disease. It also boosts your immunity and helps in enhancing your overall health in numerous ways.

It is already a known fact that the fruits rival citrus for their vitamin C content. But, a study conducted by the researchers of Taipei Medical University in Taiwan revealed that consuming two kiwis per day for 8 weeks resulted in lowered level of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increased levels of good cholesterol (HDL).

Here are some amazing facts about kiwifruit you probably did not know:

Rich in vitamins C and E

Kiwi is rich in vitamin C that can be credited with multiple benefits. It neutralizes free radicals and can help prevent cell damage and inflammation, potentially preventing things like cancer and heart disease. In addition, vitamin C can also reduce the severity of arthritis and asthma, while increasing immune function.

The vitamin E present in the fruit helps in protecting your skin by keeping skin degeneration at bay. The fruit is great for those who are dieting hard to shed weight. It also aids in flushing the toxins away from the body with the help of its fibers.

Kiwi is a diabetic-friendly fruit

Diabetics are often advised not to eat various fruits like mangoes and grapes as they belong in the high category for glycemic index. They have the ability to raise the sugar levels and worsen the condition. Kiwi is found to be in the low category for glycemic index, hence it doesn't trigger the blood sugar levels and is safe for diabetics.

It enhances digestion

Raw kiwi can also cure your digestion related problems. It contains a protein-dissolving enzyme called actinidain which helps in enhancing the process of digestion.

The fruit shields your DNA from damage

A study revealed that the blend of antioxidants present in kiwi aids in protecting the DNA from oxidative damage or oxidative stress. Due to this reason, the fruit is believed to have the ability to prevent cancer.

Kiwi helps in keeping blood pressure under control

Kiwi is a potassium-rich fruit which aids in the maintenance of electrolytes in our body while preventing sodium's adverse effects. This results in normalising the blood pressure.

It is helpful in case of constipation

Kiwi is reported to have a laxative effect which can be beneficial to all, but especially older people who are troubled by constipation. One study of 38 people over the age of sixty found that regular consumption of kiwi led to bulkier, softer stool and more frequent stool production.