18-year-old cancer patient fighting for life, searching for birth parents for bone marrow transplant

Bone marrow transplant
Bone marrow transplant (Representational picture) Reuters

An 18-year-old Chinese girl was diagnosed with leukemia recently and soon came to know that she was adopted. Now she is searching for her real parents, as she needs to go through a bone marrow transplant to save her life.

According to South China Morning Post January, the woman named Peng Xin went for a check-up for her illness, where she received the news that her present parents are not her biological parents. She also came to know that she was taken to the shelter when she was abandoned as a baby.

Peng, who is a school student from Henan province, was told by the doctors that chemotherapy may provide her 10 months to live but she needs a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible.

Doctors also said that in this case her biological parents will be the best match and only they can ensure the survival of Peng, as no other suitable bone marrow is available.

Peng's foster mother said that she and her husband kept the truth a secret for years.

She mentioned that when they came across the abandoned Peng for the first time she already had a son and a daughter but she took care of her just like her own child.

The foster mother said that they actually never intended to tell her the truth about her birth but wanted to see her happy for the rest of her life. But they had no choice except telling her the truth due to medical reasons. Peng's parents are searching for her birth mother and father.

Peng's classmate and a friend made a video, where the classmate was seen narrating the story of Peng. The video included pictures of her growing up years and was created with one intention, that it the message reaches to her biological parents.

The video stated that they are hoping to find Peng's birth parents by means of social media as this is the only way to find matching bone marrow for Peng to save her life.

Another classmate of Peng said that her friend would never have come to know about her adoption if she had been fit and healthy.

Her classmate said that apart from fighting the illness, Peng now has to deal with another mental and emotional situation.