With 1,300 jobs on offer, India remains Amazon's jobs hot spot

An Amazon.com Inc driver stands next to an Amazon delivery truck in Los Angeles, California, U.S. REUTERS

India continues to remain one of the most important markets for e-commerce players. As per job openings on Amazon's website, the company has the highest number of vacancies in the Asia-Pacific region.

The number is significant with the fact that this is three times more vacancies than in China. Apart from the United States, the e-commerce behemoth is looking for a similar number of people in Germany. The Times of India has reported that despite recent steps taken by the central government to regulate the e-commerce market which could adversely affect Amazon, the Seattle headquartered company has continued to remain bullish on the Indian market.

Amazon is hiring across different verticals including business and technology roles. Amazon has almost 1,300 openings in India and in comparison, China has 467 job openings and Japan 381, followed by Australia and Singapore which have 250 and 174, vacancies respectively. The company is aggressively expanding beyond e-commerce and cloud business (AWS) and it is on a hiring spree in areas such as payments, content (Prime video), voice-assistant (Alexa), food retail and customer support.

At the beginning of the year 2018, Amazon had a strong workforce of 60,000 people in India which is about 10 percent of its total employees all over the world. Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai will have the highest number of vacancies in India.

The industry experts are of the opinion that Amazon may use this employment generation as a trade-off against the ongoing policy discussion with the central government. The new rules pertaining to the e-commerce players operating in India comes into effect from February. However the industry has requested for more time to align with the policy transition.

One of the company spokespeople said that India is one of the target areas in terms of talent. "With our constant growth, we are always looking for some exceptional talent across levels in areas of software development, product & marketing, machine learning, quality assurance, web development, product management, supply chain, content development, operations, studio & photography and for other positions in the India consumer business. We have created thousands of skilled and semi-skilled jobs in India over the past decade,"