Apple has put a couple of premium apps on the sale rack so you can download them for free. Closing by the end of the week, there is no perfect time to download the apps than right now.

From a lecture recorder, GPS tracker and space adventure game to a movie maker, you surely have options in this list. Here are some free iOS apps of the week:

Olli by Tinrocket (US$1.99)

Olli's live preview transforms your frames into an animated movie and hand-drawn art. It has eight pre-set styles so you can easily apply them and turn your photos or videos into an amazing storybook. Download Olli by Tinrocket for iOS here.

Photo Cleaner (US$1.99)

Your gallery might be overwhelming you with thousands of photos. Hence, cleaning it could be the most horrible thing you do. With the Photo Cleaner app, you get to delete photos as easy and quick. Swipe a series of photos for fast selecting and hit the trash. Download Photo Cleaner for iOS here.

VONO (US$1.99)

Recording class discussions and taking down lecture notes have never been this powerful with the VONO app. Apart from its high-quality recording and memo functions, the app allows you to use the camera to take photos of notes or attach any files for future references. Download Vono for iOS here.

Tungoo (US$6.99)

This online mobile game will transport you to a vertical adventure from the ground to the outer space. To fly, you need to eat bubbles to fill yourself up with gas. But your goal really is to save Tungoo's friends who are in captivity by aliens. Download Tungoo for iOS here.

GPS Speed (US$0.99)

A smart GPS tracker for your iPhone and iWatch, the GPS Speed app gives you a real-time display of the status of your speed in kilometre per hour, mile per hour and knots. Get back to your trip and see your max, duration, average speed and distance covered. Download GPS for iOS here.

Again, you can download all these paid apps now without getting charged, so grab them now while they are still free.