Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is here, and it brings a couple of new features and tweaks that every Windows user should be happy about. Here are six interesting changes that you should know.

Voice dictation

The new Windows 10 enables voice dictation. Unfortunately, this is only available for mobile. Use this feature by clicking the dictation microphone icon on the onscreen keyboard or by typing WIN+H to bring up the dictation command. The voice dictation feature also allows users to drop certain commands, such as "clear selection" and "go to the end of paragraph".

HDR support

Monitors with high dynamic range (HDR) capability can take advantage of the new support. The new Windows 10 update offers users to know more about the monitor and more extra controls over it. Not to mention, the Game Bar enables taking screenshots of games in HDR.

New Microsoft Edge features

The F11 key can now be used to bring Microsoft Edge and other web browsers to a full-screen view. Users can also pin sites to the Windows taskbar just like any apps. Edge's e-book annotation is updated with new colours and notes.

Improved Action Centre, Start menu

windows 10 fall creators update

The Action Centre and Start menu both get Window's new Acrylic user interface that is more transparent and more fluid, thanks to Fluent Design. The Start menu can be resized in all directions. The Action Centre has a few changes in the layout like more details are shown.

Smarter Cortana

Cortana is getting a buff as she can now read texts on a photo. This is helpful to use as a reminder for events if the poster has a date or address on it. To do this, go to Settings > Device > Pen & Windows Ink > Press and hold > Cortana Lasso, then encircle the details that Cortana should keep in mind.

Emoji shortcuts

For those who love using the emoji, they can now be accessed on a physical keyboard of a laptop or desktop just like the mobile does. Just type WIN + the semicolon or period key to open the emoji section

Have you laid your hands on the new Windows 10 update yet? Which new features are your favourite so far?